About the sculptor 

David Shany, an iron sculptor, lives and creates in Kiryat Tivon,Israel.

David was born,raised and educated at Kibutz Ramat Yohanan

He became interested in the art, while working alongside sculptor Ruda Raylinger and later on with  sculptor Elisha Volotzki.

His apprenticeship with these artists, created a life long passion for sculpting, and was his the inspiration in the creation of his own unique style.       


About the sculpture

The sculptures are created of steel and iron. Prominent in his sculptures are recycled horseshoes and parts from agricultural machinery. 

Each sculpture is stamped and one of  a kind.

The works combine techniques of blacksmithing, framing, fusing and welding and have a meticulous clean finish.       

Movement and flow in the sculptures injects life into otherwise hard and cold metal. 

Drawing inspiration from nature, david sculpts his subjects in different situations, while closely observing the human landscape and the nature surrounding him.

An on going exhibition, "Iron in Movement"  takes place at his home. 



2014                                                                           HabimaTheatar

                        2015                     Commemoration emoration Center in Kiryat Tivon

Commemoration House in Kibutz Ramat Yohanan                    2016

Water Tower" Gallery in Kibutz Shfaim                                     2017"

Ein Hod Gallery                                                                         2017

Art&About" Gallery                                                                 2017-2018" 

Artist Wall -Yokneam Theater                                                   2017

Hamevoa Gallery" - Kibutz Mahanaim                                     2018"

Han Baba Center"  Kfar Saba                                                  2018"



KerenKayemet 38 Kiryat Tivon, Tel:053-2217921 Israel

Working in the workshop
David Shany, an Iron Sculptor